Dictionary storage and Location

Hello! I would like to know if there is a maximum dictionary space. I am having trouble receiving values ​​from firebase so I would like to use a dictionary to save the values ​​for each video posted to my app. but where is the dictionary kept? slows down my application? sorry for my ignorance i never used this

Dictionaries are not for saving data.
Dictionaries are used to work with JSON data.
To save data you can use firebase, airtable, sqlite, mysql, tinydb, google spreadsheets…


My intention is not to save data, I want you to return a series of information

Then why are you saying this?

If you want help you need to take the time to explain better what you need.

The Json callback is handled by the Dictionary Component.


I want, for example, if I want to download a video, return the url that I keep there, the user who uploaded the video… etc

and where is the json stored?

Look at this guide.

There you’ll see that dictionaries don’t keep information, they only work with it. You get data in JSON format and with the dictionaries you can get specific parts of that information. And then you have to save that information in a variable, in a table, in firebase or wherever you want. But you have to be conscious that the dictionaries don’t save information.


JSON “a standardized, text-based data exchange format that offers a standardized data exchange format”

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