Diference between Balance & Reports Ad Manager

Hello, i’ve turned one of my apps from Admob to Ad Manager and i’m seeing something that doesn’t makes sense.

Here is my Reports Page

Reports Page

According to this from 5/27 to 6/27 this app made 0.27$.

Here is my Balance Page

Balance Page

According to balance only added 0.02$ on 6/25.

Not to mention the broken breakdown

The Broken Breakdown

Why there is so big difference in payout between Balance & Reports page?

The same thing happens to me.

Same happening with me, One day i look my Report and see around eCPM $20 and i earned around $5 but when i see after few hours then my revenue is cut around $0.50 and eCPM down…!

That app was making arround 4-5$ per month with Admob. With Google Ad Manager says 0.02$. That’s a total loss.

Do we have an answer to this? Seems so strange!

Please, check the following page to learn about our cycles:

Money earned from 1st June to 30th June is not yet added to Balance. That happens around the 25th of July (next month).

The balance you saw added on the 25th of June are earnings only from May.

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