Different between compile on companion and export to .apk...on android 7.0

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i’m testing my aplication .apk on companion and i testing on android 6.0 and android 7.0 run smoothly and then if i export to .apk… to android 6.0 runing smoothly but if i run on android 7.0 application is hang

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Android 7.0 has problem on export to .apk,

  1. Please describe the issue in detail !

  2. Companion is just for live testing, the real app may have difference between APK and Companion

  3. If the app not running smoothly on your Android 7.0 Device, it can be caused by

  • The phone is using a low-end hardware
  • You have too much app opened
  • Too much code written
  • etc
    Please check before asking !
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my phone on android 7.0 is high end and my phone on android 6.0 is low-end…!!!