Digital time clock - regarding

Dear friends, Is it possible to display the Digital clock in our app i.e every seconds the clock shows the time…

I googled it but unable to get it…

Just read this :point_up:t2:

Yes this is possible

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Thank you @Maxtern… Let me edit the blocks as per our convenient but we need to work a lot …

But it is not a clock, just timer only


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@bodymindpower, thank you for your immediate support…

But the fact is. 11:33:31 will display as a static image but i want the seconds to run every seconds like.

just like showing in this web

Use a clock with 1000ms interval to refresh the time.

Try it, it will work …


i tried but the clock shows static time only… If we stay on the screen time also showing the same. IF my user continue to stay in the screen, time should display live time
Screenshot_2 Screenshot_1

if i stay in the screen time continue to show the screen initiated time even for hours…

Put the blocks in when"clock1".timer, just like @bodymindpower did.

oh… ok ok… i got it… let me try and tell you @scholz_ist_stolz

wow… it works like a charm … Super super… Thank you kodular. I was looking the same for couple of months, now i got it. Thanks a lot Kodular @scholz_ist_stolz

I guess the solution was provided by @bodymindpower and not @scholz_ist_stolz
Just for your information. @Jai_sankar_E


Oh, ya. let me correct it

This is really a very simple question / problem.
So next time ask your question very precisely, then something fundamental like this can be solved very quickly.

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@bodymindpower, thanks a lot… It works… I find my mistake

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So close this thread on the correct answer.

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Sorry, I dont know how to close the thread…