Direct Open telegram group or channel

In my application has one button, I want that if someone clicks on that button then the group or channel of my telegram is should direct open in telegram app without opening in any external browser…
how can i do like this plz help

I tried something like this, which you can see in the picture below, but it opens my external browser Plz Help

Because in Data Uri you are typing a Web Link, so it will open website

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bro This is not web link. This is a group link of my telegram

that post is not related to my question, I want to open the group link of telegram not to any specific user id

but for activity starter this is weblink, how he will know that which app you are trying to open? don’t you think you need a package name of app to help activity starter to recognize that which apk you wanna open, think about that

can you send me blocks

that was a sample, that containing apk package name can open app, not a link

I also Tried with package name but it’s not working showing error

ok let me try to find the solution,

I got the solustion :heart_eyes:


Well maybe show what you did so others can learn from it. That is the purpose of a community.

It’s working for me…
Just test the APK: Download here-TestTG.apk (5.0 MB) and tell me if it is working for you or not?


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not working for me…

How should anybody understand what you mean. What is not working?