Disable permission denied toasts

Hello, I have a Texting component from the social tab but don’t need to receive SMS, I have edited the apk to remove the permission to receive SMS but I get toasts that the receive SMS permission has been denied even though I have removed it, I don’t need to receive SMS I would like to remove the toast.

Texting component is only used for SMS features, it needs receive SMS permission to work correctly. Also, every user can send SMS from their built-in Messages app, why do you need this component?

The whole point of my app is to send sms messages in bulk and automatically, plus it does not need receive sms to work the way I need it since I don’t use receive sms blocks, it works fine when disabling the permission, the only issue is the distracting error toast.

Are you good at java?

No 1234567

As I already said here


This isn’t a problem with what permissions are allowed, that was a different problem, the problem here is the texting component is trying to get the permission but when it’s denied, it shows a toast. I want to remove that.

There is, as far as i know, no way to achive this, it’s up to the component.

Just Insert the screen 1 permission denied event into your blocks and let it empty


Great. Would that work too if the permission were previously removed from the Manifest? I’ll try … tomorrow

Not sure.
I have no time current to test anything

Follow Mika’s advice.
I tried it and it works even if the permission was previously removed from the Manifest.
The error message does not appear anymore.

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Can verify this works, thanks! :slight_smile:

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