Discontinuation of kodular

I would like to know if the Kodular project will be closed, I’m thinking about creating a project that will take around 6 months and I’m scared

Don’t do it. The future of the platform is uncertain… Try on AI2, or something else like flutter flow

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You can start with Kodular, before discontinuation of Kodular they will provide a way to migrate to AI2.

A bold thesis that I wouldn’t bet a cent on. (Just think of AppyBuilder, for example.)


These are not my thoughts.

I just explained what was posted in below topic:

I know it and I have spoken about it often enough. So how should that change what I said?

no news, no evidence of progress in more than a year :joy:
not on improving kodular less on migrating to AI2

the latest statement from Evan, the lead developer from MIT App Inventor concerning the migration is here

you also might want to read the other opinions there…