[Discontinued] Background Tasks [4.1] 🥳

Why don’t you follow some examples?
I cant reply everyday giving direct solutions :sweat_smile:


I can’t understood any of them, Because I am new with Background Tasks Extension. Give Me An Example Of How to use it with Notifier Show Alert Function.

yes , 3.2 A

It’s already like that


Aia : t.aia (502.5 KB)

** note : when i use it without ( extra function ) , it work …

Ahh got it!

You first have you use HTML decode block on it. The data also contains new lines and special characters so therefore creates errors while parsing things.

(at escaping special symbols)

I’ll note this down and will be fixed in the next version (3.3).

As of know, you should use things like direct APIs.


but now i can to try this , right ?

Yeah, you should try using that.

ok , sorry , but i have another thing :grin:

when i click start service and it started , If you close the application (while the service is working), it stops immediately…

Even though I turned on the “Restart After Kill” feature.

What’s your device manufacturer?
And what’s the android version?

There are many factors to this, also use the Resolve activity block.

Huawei Y7 prime 2018 , android 8

Huawei phones need special permissions unlike phones like Samsung.

It should be solved if you use resolve activity block. It will ask for some permissions.


thank you very much :heart_eyes:



i tried this .

and this , but not working :grin:It was kind of an improvisation, but I failed​:grin:

The idea here is to try to decode the HTML…

Then call the result and compare it

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may you please hepl me here im trying to get data from thingspeak but its not working

No wonder. The entire code makes no sense. If you dm me the aia I’ll fix it for you.



@Nader, it is not like this, you’ll have to create a block for that and process it at the runtime itself! Make a function to decode, when decoded check on it.

Yeah, you cannot call the events like that.
Just checked it, also do like this, if you’re calling block to another function, we’ll need to forward the values.
As said before, i’ll be just good easy if you any direct API block until extension supports these things…

Extension looks complected most of the people…

thank you in advance

i tried firebase,aia, but it is not working
and I tried with new version the task extension, it is still not working

That was meant for the older version of the extension, but it should still function.
And, what is not working exactly? Saying not working will not help.

not show the notification

Did you change the Token, API? Or you just compiled it without.