[Discontinued] Background Tasks [4.1] πŸ₯³

i have changed it with my firebase

You mean, this notification is not showing?
Are you connected to Cellular data? Whats the Android version? Manufacturer?

i am using android 5

I use wifi

must it use cellular data?

Hmm… Extension may be unstable with the pedometer for Android 5.
As you’re using WiFi connection, you’ll need to change the requiredNetwork type to ANY.
So, the extension can work with any network type :wink:

I use Oppo

ok i will try

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it is still not working,
I also tried in emulator Android 7


Try it on a real device. The pedometer may not be usable in the Emulator.
Are you clicking β€œstop service” after clicking β€œstart service” button?

I clicked home when clicked start service

There is a button Logs, click then you will be asked to share some text. Share it (IN THE PM, click on my profile) and message me.

I have just sent that to you


In android 7 and below devices, the notification will not be shown to you which I had completely forgotten. It’ll just work fine.

Here is a good news! I’ve finally fixed the issue! The extension will automatically escape characters now :)


i can download the update now ? :star_struck:

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After the release :)

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Is it possible to do it in the background?

You should try it.

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I’ve been simply rushing to update this extension with bug fixes, feature updates :thinking:
Do you think it’s okay to do so?

Should I be rusing?
  • No, do it nicely.
  • Just give stable updates.

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