[Discontinued] Launch Tool Extension tool to work with activity starter

@luv.ak.tech I have checked the block ownly the problem is in extension code I will have check the issue


thanks u, I am waiting for the extension update :pray:

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@iamwsumit has the problem solved?

Ohh I forget about that
Sorry @Learning.code123 I will do it till tomorrow
Thank you

thank you, i am waiting it

@Learning.code123 the issue has now solved and updated the extension
download its version 2 from the download link above.
Now I will not work on this extension

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work perfectly :star_struck:

thank you so much

Congratulations on a great job!

But I have a question: why does the FacebookPage tool open the page to me directly in the browser and not in the installed app?
I tried on two devices, both in companion and with the apk installed.

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