[Discontinued] Launch Tool Extension tool to work with activity starter

Launch Tool

Launch tool is a extension that do your work smartly and shortly
It can launch app with package name and much more it is full short version of activity starter
Let see some blocks methods

All Blocks

Block Usage

component_event (4)

This event occurs when an app not found

component_event (5)

This event raises when any error occured

blocks - 2021-01-07T175855.665

Send email to specific email id with subject and messege

blocks - 2021-01-07T175920.682

Open facebook page for given page id in browser or in facebook app(if installed)

blocks - 2021-01-07T180205.315

Opens another app for specific package name call app not found event when given package name
This block code is completely by @golumaths100 Thank you

blocks - 2021-01-07T180359.617

This block open all telegram link all include only channel,groups and username

blocks - 2021-01-07T180402.548

opening a group with this block just enter link

blocks - 2021-01-07T180405.814

opening a personal messege by link

blocks - 2021-01-07T180830.274

Opens a whatsapp group for given group link

blocks - 2021-01-07T180931.454

Opens a individual or personal chat with given number and country code with messege

blocks - 2021-01-07T181126.427

Open a youtube video

blocks - 2021-01-07T181244.792

Same block also launches youtube channels

Upcoming Blocks

component_method (3)

component_method (4)

component_method (5)


Open Source

I hope it helps you I have created this extension for newbies that dont know the use of activity starter

Thank you all if you like extension the hit like the topic


If you like my work then donate if you can :slightly_smiling_face:


awesome extension . :star_struck: :star_struck:

You may want to correct the typo here . It should be message


Nice extension. Good to see so many exciting extensions in the community nowadays. :fire: :relieved:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Sorry forget will correct soon

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Good work and nice extension :+1:

Suggestion : Remove your email address

Great work ! Please follow the naming conventions:

No one can see your profile email address except you, admins and moderators, as far as I know.


I don’t mean to assume, but is this an extension where my source (if mine at all, and likely many others) is being used as snippets? If that is the case, please give credit. It is not coincidental that this is coming out DAYS after I’ve released my source code which is why I don’t.

Please, give credit where due. Even if someone gave you the idea (it is hypocritical for me to say this now, but it will apply for me in the future too).


the idea to not publish your email address in a public community is to prevent spammers from collecting email addresses automatically…
however the spammers will not able to extract your email address from a screenshot, so this should be fine imho…



That is really good extension
Keep it up :cowboy_hat_face:

Congratulations on the extension and the work.

Congratulation;Great work.

Awesome extension, is there a way to send attachments from the send mail block.

Thank you very much

Maybe I will try to integrate in next update

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@iamwsumit There are several blocks in your extension which I think are a little strange.
i will PM you


Unluckily only @golumaths100 has helped me so I have give credit to him and nobody has given me the idea of this extension


how i missed this extension

BTW nyc extension

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Congratulations and congratulations on your extension. for the Activity Launcher it is necessary to set the full path of the application or just the name.apk?

Bravo et félicitations pour votre extension. pour ce qui est du lanceur d’activité faut il mettre le chemin complet de l’application ou juste le nom.apk ?

why whatsapp number changed when ran?

i input 809000911 in block but when i run, it will be 205 6645048

can you show your blocks @Learning.code123