Wrong with starter_activity

hello kodulars . i got stuff
i asked u before how to add button when i pressed it takes you to my page on insta or twitter >>
but it opened in default app on phone >>
but some wrong happened

thats the codes

its multi screens

and how to add gif to screen ?
best thanks

In all of your activity starter blocks, you should set the activity starter properties first ( Action, DataUri, etc… ), before calling the StartActivity block.

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How do you expect this to work, you first start the activity then you use action and data uri, Start Activity should always be the last block…

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thank u
but i made it like they said

ummm its not working either

Try to correct the spelling of andriod to android


thank u mr tamer
so that android.intent.action >> whats is the name of that verbs

and could i change view to subscribe >> then anyone with click on button > he will directly supscripe on my channel or account??
best thank

for facebook and youtube you can directly use this - Launch Tool Extension tool to work with activity starter[F/OS]

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Better not to use an extension when it is possible to work with existing component, not here to discourage you though.