Button to gmail

how to create a button which can be clicked to email to send a message?

oh , do not use activity starter?
i used that button to feed back to my gmail…

Don’t use all Capital letters here. It means Shouting. Use small letters only.

[Different eMail solutions for App Inventor]
(App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Send Mail | Pura Vida Apps)

Can you Search on community

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iam sorry, I Hve problem with my KeyboArd

Use activity starter
Set action to :- android.intent.action.VIEW
Set Data Uri to :- mailto:YOUREMAILID

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Apakah itu bekerja?
What, this work?

This is redirect the user to gmail/email when he/she click on the button

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Change Activity starter action to android.intent.action.VIEW

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It is the best solution for this question.


yes, and thanks for @techVsurya