Activity Starter for Whatsapp sharing

I’m making an app where, “if I click on share button then”, ACTIVITY STARTER WILL SHARE
the link that i want to share.
But The ACTIVITY STARTER is not working. It gives error 602.

Please Please Resolve This issue.

So first it would be useful to show us the blocks. However, to share messages you can also simply use the “Sharing” component (found under “Social”).

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Just like in your last topic about this issue:

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Yes I’m sharing please wait

And what did you specify as “Action” and “Data Uri” in the Activity Starter?

You can also make it easier for yourself and just use the “Sharing” component as mentioned above.

Activity Starter Values

Sharing Component doesn’t provides after activity option, which is required in my case.

Please resolve this ACTIVITY STARTER Issue

How about using the correct Activity Class

Very Very thanks man , It works

Is there anything like this for telegram? To send a pre typed text.

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