Discovering Kodular Eagle: Export/Import Blocks

Hello everyone!

Today I will show you how to use new feature called “Export/Import Blocks as PNG” feature which added in Kodular Eagle.

Maybe you didn’t noticed that feature since release notes are so long. So I thought a guide for this feature may be good.

The Logic

When you export the blocks as PNG image, a XML file is adding to image also. So when you import back to the Creator, it parsing the XML file, then creating the blocks from metadata which inside of the image.

Exporting Blocks

Select your favourite procedure or block part, then right-click on it. Finally, click the “Download Blocks as PNG” option.


Note that, you can’t download all blocks, this feature only allows one block and/or its all sub-connected blocks.

Importing Blocks

It is easier than exporting! Just simply drag the blocks image then drop to the blocks editor!




Unfortunately, when you share blocks to someone you must use specified platforms, because most platforms are deleting the XML code from image such as Discourse.


Yes, you can edit the exported image with using some image editors. Others are deleting the XML code too.

So I and Peter used some platforms to test if XML code is staying or not when editing/publishing the image on somewhere. This list can be updated later, so don’t forget to check this list regularly. :grin:



Software Platform Is it deleting the XML code after editing?
MS Paint Windows Yes
Adobe Fireworks Windows Yes
Snip & Sketch Windows Yes
Paint 3D Windows Yes
Pinta Linux Yes
Ubuntu Image Viewer Linux No
Gimp Linux Yes
Shutter Linux Yes
MyPaint Linux Yes
Inkscape Linux Yes
Shotwell Linux Yes
KolourPaint Linux Yes
Krita Linux Yes
Converseen Linux Yes
XPaint Linux Yes
Gwenview Linux Yes

Hosting / Sharing

Hosting Is it deleting the XML code after hosting? Notes
Cloudinary No Cloudinary gives direct link of the image when you upload to it, so it stays with same data.
This Community No system bot is downloading local copies of images, so it removing the XML code. With the new community system update, XML code is not deleting anymore.


Show Image

Just drag this image to the Kodular Creator. And see the secret blocks. :smile:

That’s it! You can ask any questions about this feature from this topic.

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Bro how can we do it when using mobile device?
When I tried to download blocks it shows download unsuccessful error.
How can we drag and drop on mobile

Kodular Creator is designed for computers. To use all features of Kodular Creator, you need to switch to computer.


I have a laptop but I use my smartphone as my primary builder. Also I don’t know why but the blocks editor lags a lot on my laptop. I use the latest version of Chrome in it. Even if I have 0 blocks in the editor it lags

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Unfortunately, when you share blocks to someone you must use specified platforms…

which platforms can we use for sharing?thanks:)

I added platforms as list to this topic under “Hosting” section.

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yup i try it. not working for me

not working for me…

Instead of repeating each other why not tell what is not working. We are not mindreaders.


… yet :grinning:


well i uploaded png to cloudinary and download it to computer again. and drag it into blocks. and not working

How did you exported the blocks? If you are tried to get blocks PNG by taking the screenshot, then it won’t work. You should right-click the blocks then click “Download blocks as PNG”.


Note that: This feature is different than “Download all blocks as image” feature. It is only taking the screenshot of blocks.

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i got it :slight_smile: thats a interesting detail

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so we need find a way to download all blocks in one time right?

I tested 3 more to add it to the list for this topic in the “Hosting / Sharing” section.

Hosting / Sharing

Hosting Is it deleting the XML code after hosting? Notes
Google Drive No Upload and share, keep the same data.
Dropbox No Upload and share, keep the same data.
Whatsapp Choose by Gallery Yes The exported image is compressed and saved in another format (.jpeg / .tiff) and the xml is also removed.
Whatsapp Choose by document No The image is kept with the same properties and data.

Thanks for your contribution! I will add these platforms to the topic soon!

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Telegram’s send image as file is working good, too. Obiviously, simple image sending compresses so XML is removed.

Btw Yusuf, you should make this topic a wiki!

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Yes I think that’s better. I hope nothing goes wrong :sweat_smile:

Sorry, Block import and export not work for me that time…now it will work…thanks…

How did you export the blocks?