Discuss is there a way to create a profile

Is there a way to create a profile in our applications that contains, for example, this user profile, for example, posts, friends, etc., such as opposites? Using mySqL database

Yes, possible. You can search community for further assistance regarding this.

I guess there’s no subject in the community There’s a solution to it, and if there’s a link to the article,

What’s the problem that you’re finding a solution for?

There’s no problem, but because I use the translator, I can’t always say what I want to say.

Is there a topic that talks about this?

If you know the basic structure for MySQL, follow this guide:

Ok I read this, but above, what I mean is that the user posts a post and can return it, not just a login.

Above guide will help you understand how to store and retrieve data from MySQL. Then you can use your own logic.

If you’re not good using MySQL, you can try other databases too. I guess it will be much easier for you to understand firebase and airtable in comparison with MySQL.

For example we can store the username and password his phone number etc. because this data is in the database in the form of rows but if the user wanted to publish for example 10 posts here the problem because the data for these things should be in 4 special list under his user name and not in a general list with other people I hope to be what I say understandable

I suggest you to spend some time on community and read posts related to your problem. Hopefully you’ll get your answer.

I don’t think there’s any way to do that right now.

Thank you??

But I think there are several methods that can do the job! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you found something like this sure it would be a great thing

I think what they have is an inevitable answer will be @Boban or @Peter

I see! You want a special reply! So, may I ask what you’ve tried so far?

I simply ask if there is a way to create a personal account where a user can post posts like Facebook not the size of facebook’s huge features for sure but I want him to be able to retrieve the posts and his information

All you need is two tables in mysql database.
Table one let’s say users will have only information about the users like their name, profile picture, login email and password etc. here each user will have a unique number assigned let’s say userid.

Another table let’s name it “posts” will have rows about posts where you can store post text, post image, posted time etc including a column say userid which will help in knowing to whom this post belongs.

Is there a way to create tables under the user’s iD