Dismiss Spinning Progress not working

My Dismiss Spinning Progress is not working. Here’s the code:

it starts to spin, but never ends. I have also tried with the delay block. Please help me.

Never used it but why are you using show and dismiss blocks at the same time?

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I’ve tried to show it for a second.

Icon = false?

This will never work.
Just use a empty text block if you do not want a icon.
And as Peter said it makes no sense to show the dialog and dismiss it at the same time…

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It works the same as with icon = false.
If the dismiss block works it won’t even show. That’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

Doesnt matter if it works.
It should be a empty text block if you dont want no icon

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I’m just asking why the dismiss block doesn’t work. That’s it.

Because your blocks does not make sense to show and dismiss it at the same time…

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I’ve managed to make it work, close this topic.

You should post the solution for other peoples if they have the same problems like you.

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Ok. Use the clock, like this.