Display array of data from php mysql to dynamic component

How to display an array of data like few row from table to dynamic component?
Anyone has done this before ?

PHP script:

$sql1 = "SELECT * FROM table ";
$rs1 = mysqli_query($dbc, $sql1) or trigger_error("Query MySQL Error: " . mysqli_error($dbc));

if ($rs1){
$ar1= array();

while ($array = mysqli_fetch_assoc($rs1)) 
	$ar1[] = $array;
echo json_encode($ar1);	


sample data

output I want

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Have you used the components that call your PHP script?

@Rogerio_Rios , yes, I can get the data in 1 row from mysql.

But with multiple rows from mysql, I have no idea how to display the data using dynamic component with button.

At the end of REQUEST there is the GOT TEXT method (indicating that it is finished).
Then you transform your “response context” using “JSON TEXT DECODE” from your web component. This conversion will be within a variable (list). Make a for each item in list + name of your variable. And within the loop, add items from that first list to another list. Use “ADD ITENS TO LIST” + name of your second list. And the items you will extract using “look up in pairs key” + field name, pairs + “get item” from the loop. With that your second list will be the “elements” of a list view.

I will try and see. Thanks.