Display generation name

i want to create n application where i want to display generation name like
grandfather - Father - Me
as shown picture below
a have 3 child xyz and z have 2 pq

and as you can see there is 3 view where wen we click on A it will open another view where xyz will b displayed and if we click on x then we will get p and q

now i need a method where if i create a child in any server ( cloudinary firbase etc ) then this view will create a new view
the problem is idk how to fetch data with this kind of tree view
do anyone have any idea please

This is foreign key. The child must have the parent’s id and so on. There can be no child without the parent id. When creating a child, the parent id must be required.

how can i do this in airtable or firebase
can uh please explain me bit more, it will be very helpful for me thank you.

Create first parent name as tag, then make parent name as firebase project bucket and add names and so on…

Next time make a topic title that reflects your question. I did it for you this time.

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