Display information: hours, charge, notification... Header

Hello community. I wanted to know this: how can I make application header information visible?

So here’s :
On the screen below, as indicated by the blue arrow, the information just at its header is visible. So the time and the rest…

But in this screen which is the screen of my application, I cannot display this information there. It’s always black.

So I wanted the information to be displayed as on the first screenshot. Please, help me​:pray::pray::pray::pray:

Have you tried setting status bar visibllity to true and false?

Also change the status bar colour from black to someother

This is at what level this status bar. I’m looking but I don’t see it here. Otherwise thank you very much. I watch a little. Maybe it’s because the language complicates me a bit. thank you :pray::pray::pray:

and Compared to my question written in MP. On how to automate my entry in the text field

In Screen1’s properties