Display last 7 days

Hello guys a little help because i got stuck.
I want do display the last 7 days like the photo below. At the right side i want the current date and going to the left the last 6 days.I know the current day from the clock component but not the previous 6. Any ideas?


Use a loop like this one to get the previous 6 days before today:



I place the results in dynamic buttons and this is what i get for return.

Show blocks what you set

That’s not what you have to set in the button. I said, that’s how you get the instant for the 6 previous days. You need to format that instant in to the day (dd), with the FORMAT DATE TIME block.

Ok i did it. It works. Thanks. Any idea about the days of the month? Same logic like the photo in my original post.

Edit: I mean the names of the days. Monday, Tuesday…etc

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There is a block for that, where you input the instant and it returns the day of the week.


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