Displaying Image from "external_storage" not working in compiled apk

That’s really strange … but we’re not giving up yet:wink:
Next attempt with an extension:
imageTest4.apk (6.1 MB)

Btw, I checked my APKs on many test devices (Android 7, 8, 9, 10, 11). Also on Samsung and OnePlus devices. All APKs (1-4) work on all devices.
I have no idea what’s going on on your devices.

Try also the AI2 version:
imageTestAI2.apk (4.2 MB)

:frowning: neither of these work either…I guess I am going to have to think of a different way to do it…

all of mine “work” in the compainion app, thats the strange thing as well…

Make a screenshot from your device, like this:


I can’t believe this file is there in the required format.

Ok, I think I can guess what it could be. I created this folder manually:
/storage/emulated/0/Telegram/Telegram Images/.

This directory /storage/emulated/0/Telegram/ may be blocked and only accessible for the Telegram app (at least on devices with Android > 9, API > 28). On my Android 11 test device there is no Telegram app.

However, the directory can be accessed via Companion, since the corresponding storage permission is declared there in the Manifest.

Even manual creation is not working.

Manual creation, what?

He tried this.

Where did he write / claim this?
No, I think this directory was created by the Telegram app.

Try this APK: imageTestASD_shared2.apk (5.9 MB)

He created k test and ktest folders manually. He never claimed it but I’m guessing he did it.

So it means SAF can be used to obtain access to that dir. Should work fine then.

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It’s the only remaining possibility why it won’t work for him (that the directory is only accessible to Telegram and he did NOT create this directory himself). My APKs work on all of my 16 test devices (Android 4.x, 5.x, 6, 7, 8.x, 9, 10, 11)

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking about.

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It is there, i showed you in one of the last videos…

This seems to work! it is displaying the picture once i click the button, what did you do?

He is correct, the dirs listed there should be made by fileTools when pressing the button by copying from assets to the specific folder, I believe fileTools will make it if it doesn’t exist…

Try to remove this folder beforehand (before you test my APKs):
/storage/emulated/0/Telegram/Telegram Images/

Btw, why are you creating this folder / subfolder which apparently is exactly like the one created by the Telegram app?
So please answer the question: Is the Telegram app installed on your device?

I’m not trying to create this folder, telegram is on my device, and i am trying to share a pic from it…

I am using the “Share to” feature of kodular, and sharing the image from telegram to my app, this is the location that is being reported as where the image came from, I am then wanting to pass the image onto the OCR function, but at the moment I can’t get it to “show/accept” the image in the kodular apk, as it comes up with permission denied, so i try to just “display” the image after i have recieved the shave, but ended up with it not showing…hence “simplifying” what i was doing, so i can see if anyone knows why its not working.

As I said earlier, this directory is likely only accessible to the Telegram app.