Displaying numbers in scientific notation

Hey Makers, and Makeroid team!
In my apps, sometimes I need to display long numbers, for example, a power of two big numbers, and then “writing that” to the UI, like, showing it in a label can really “kill” the ui (Make it look ugly)
I’ve googled it and seen a few languages, like Java, are providing a built-in method for converting a number into scientific notation.
So my question is: Can it be implemented in Makeroid, in the “Math” category of the Builder OR can we do this already with a few blocks?
Whatever, if you know an answer to it, please write it here! I really need it, and, if it’s possible, blocks would be better, coz I don’t wait for the next update.

Thanks anyway,

Nobody? Really? Team, Nathan, others, where are you?

Nope. It’s way too complicated.

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