Divide the list into 3 parts

I have a list of random data from 100 to 901 items, can anyone give me some suggestions on dividing the data equally into 3 lists view, listview1 from 100 - 300m listview2 from 301 - 600, listview3 from 601-901
i tried but no logic and it doesn’t work

thank you

The easiest way is the which one you wrote in the question.
3 for each item , the first from 100 to 300 the second from 301 to 600 and so on to create the 3 list.
After you create the list then (out of the each item) start the for each item to add items to listview.

or like this if you don’t need to save the 3 lists

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I haven’t fill the items because I don’t know the data inside the response

that’s exactly what happens.

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length of list is random, it can be 100 to 151, 101 - 205, … 100 - 901

Ok, and what about items /3 is a decimal? like 7/3 ? You can add some items in the last list view? Or you need to delete some items to divide equally

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Thank you, it worked

You have to set only the start index according to your project

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