Do i need to learn java to write codes on extension IDE?

Please guys i need help, i want to learn how to also make extensions, what do i need to learn first? also are there material guides as to how to make an extension. Please i need urgent help. Thanks!

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To search the Community would be a good start. This would provide you urgent help


Have really not found anything helpful so far:pensive::pensive:

Yes you need to learn Java. It’s not like Kodular Creator where you drag and drop, this would end up in limited functionality.

please do you have any material that will help me learn this, i actually want to create an extension for the kodular app builder. Something like this:io Please i would really appreciate if you would direct me to something that will actually help. thanks

Enjoy coding!

thanks, i actually want to make an extension, that a user must download an app from a site i provide to actually access the contents of that app. I this actually possible?

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Can you explain more in depth what you mean?

if you look at this image io you would discover that you could actually prevent users from using your app if they don’t download from playstore like this:

i want to do something like this, so users of my app will be prevented if they don’t download from the website i provide.

You can’t really check whether they downloaded it from an external site.

please explain better i don’t understand you

yes you can

Can I see some links that you did research with?

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Oh boy, I see you’re confused.

You can’t check if someone installed your app from your site. It’s not possible, you can really only check if it was installed from the Package Installer itself or an app store from your phone.

On that topic, you were basically given the solution you’re asking for now :man_shrugging:

Sorry am not really a tech genius still new to the whole coding stuff. But can you brief me on what this package installer is? also if i want to actually go about this, i won’t want to put the app on playstore, but where ever i put it, the user must download from there or else it won’t work just like saying the download must be from playstore or else it won’t work.

The Package Installer is a thing that comes with your device and installs APKs that come from a source that’s not “verified” by your device. Say you download an APK from Kodular, and install it on your phone, the process to be able to install it from would be the devices default Package Installer.