Making an app non_shareable

Hi guys!
I discovered that in the device utilities you could actually make your app non_shareable by preventing users from accessing it’s files if not installed from play store. My question is; if a person downloads it from play store, if shared to someone else would it work for that person? since the app should recognize that this app was actually downloaded from play store. Also how would the app actually know it was from playstore, would it require the phone to be online or, is it going to be an offline sensing?

No, it will not.

How about this:point_up_2:

You can use this block from Device Utilities component:


Yeah i know that:slightly_smiling_face: Do you have any idea about the last question?

Which last question??

This question:

This dosen’t require Internet.
Works Offline.

Like this (See App Details):


Amazing thanks. So if i download the from play store and go offline, it will automatically recognize that i downloaded from the required source?

Yes, ofcourse.

Thanks i really appreciate:+1:

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