Block or prohibit application sharing from one phone to another

hello community, is it possible in kodular to ensure that the application created is not shared after installing it in the phone. the application is only installed once in the phone after generating the project. So prohibit or block the sharing of the application from one phone to another.

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Well i don’t think it’s possible in kodular. You can prohibited the app opening not installing

You can’t do that ( afaik ). But, if you want your users to download your app from trusted source ( PlayStore ) and not from other sources by package. Then, you can restrict the usage of the application and suggest them to re-install from a trusted source.


thank you very much for your answer. where can i put this code in my blocks? I can put this in any block to restrict the use?

how can I then prohibit the opening without installing it?
my need is that even if the application can be sent, but that it is not functional. only I can authorize the use of this application.
this application must be used by very specific people. but only those people go out of their way to share the app with other people and give those people their own password so they can do the work for them. so I’m looking for a way so that the application is not shared.

Use that in Screen Initalize by an “if condition” block

Use a database and an authentication system of your own or use Firebase Authentication.

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