How can i share my kodular application?

How can I share my kodular application with few others for testing in their own mobil devises?
Is there any free service like google playstore?
I have shared using WhatsApp, but lately it is showing error even when they try to install it from download folder.

Thank you

Hi @star_db Welcome to Kodular Community

What error is showing? Which type of error?


error: you may not have proper app for viewing this content

I think you are trying to install aia instead of apk.
What are you trying to install?


Both aia or apk can be uploaded to your Google Drive. If you have a Gmail account, then you have a Google Drive storage space. After uploading it, get the link and give it to your users.
Just make sure they allowed installations from unknown sources in their devices:


Thank you, when I removed “-” from the file name it worked from file manager.


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