Will sharing an apk be recorded in the Play Store as download?

hello i would like to as if somebody downloaded my app in play store and he/she share my app using share it is that share will be recorded to the play store as 1 download?

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Can you please clear your question @bermudez_arohn

no, app shared throw shareit will not counted as download from play store so you will not get counted as download from play store, you can use a checker so if app is not downloaded from playstore so user cant use app or features, and must download app from play store.

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thank you for the reply may i ask if what checker can i use?

thank you how can i used checker?

you need to use Device Utilities component.

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can you please give me a link of a tutorial for that?

Will you please do some experiments? Try to do something yourself and if you fail, we’re here to help.
But first try yourself.

Here are the docs:

You have to use this block Is Installed From Play Store
Returns TRUE if the app was installed from Play Store


thank you very much realy appreciated