Do you know how to know from where is the app being *downloaded*?

Hi there,
Please help me with code snippet which will return app download source.
E.g. If app downloaded from play store it should return playstore and so on for other platforms.

use @Deep_Host playstore checking extension for it


Wow, that’s what I’ve been wondering for days. Thank you!.

if ur problem is solved give solution to me

It is not my thread alv: v

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means what u want to say

Hi there,
Thanks for reply.
i tried to implement the extension within my extension but file format not support (.aix).

Can you share code snippet, which will be great help to finish my task .

Thanks and regards

Open List of Extensions


Import extension

Drag the screen extension (invisible extension)

Add block that calls the extension. Put it at the start of the screen, by pressing a button, or in any other event, in this case a clock after the Splash Screen. It has another extension that verifies if it is the first time you opened the App, there I put him

Add the two blocks of the extension that verifies if it is an installation by APK or by PlayStore.


What it does when detecting if it is an installation by APk is to send a notification that warns that it is a modified App. If it is for PlayStore, it does not notify the user of anything. But I send an event to my Firebase with another extension of what type of installation made the user

That is all.