I want to Install the latest version of my app

After user has downloaded the latest version from my app then how can I open the downloaded file directly from my app to install interface

When you download your apk file, get the path where it is downloaded.

In your app, show that downloaded file and when user clicks on it, trigger package installation action.

I want to show package installation directly

Here try this extension out!

This extension currently have issue with the installation blocks. Maybe it will be fixed in future.

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Yes, but this is the only solution I found.


Yes.But only with Android Pie so if you will use it below 9.0 then it is expected to work correctly.

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After searching I have found 2 ways to do this

  1. Custom file download extension by deep host
  2. After downloading the file I have used ki04 install extension
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You can use the project I created to install apps:

It won’t work for Android 10.
See this:

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before posting here pleasesearch the community

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