Downloader : Open File Right After Download

I am using Download component to download new version of my app when available, but I want that when the new apk of my app is downloaded it automatically opens the downloaded file and propmt for install.

How to make it happen ?

use bottom sheet to show them through button.

can u please elaborate it a bit ?? thanks

there is a extension you have to buy​:blush:

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If you want to download new version and automatically install it then you can use KIO4 install extension.
Here is the link -

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i am getting this error after that extension @vknow360


I am not familiar with java so I can not tell about that error.
But I think you should try to get file location first and then install it.

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okay i will try and report back

Did you find a solution for this? I get same error

Are you using web component to download file?

No, I’m only using the Download Component from Connectivity.
I do manage to download and open download folder to show the file. But I don’t want that, I want it to start the downloaded file after download is finished :slight_smile:

You mean within the app you want to open the downloaded file?

@plantdoc2018 Well, as long as the downloaded file runs after download is finished I don’t care how or where it starts, as long as I don’t have to open downloaded folder and find the downloaded file there to install it :slight_smile:

@Choofa then you may use other screens to play what you downloaded. Just send the download path as a start value to that screen.

You can do it within one screen also, with better logics.

Now, if there is image (u downloaded) you can use arrangement dialogue where there is a image component in it. If there is a video file you may use video player component in it.

You can check whether the typ of component you downloaded by if there is .jpg/.png included, it must be an image file, if there is .mp4, it must be video file.

It’s an apk file, update file for the app in use

There is another method to install apk ,using activity starter

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Never used Activity Starter, I’ll try to find a guide to see how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, when I read that topic and those messages in there it made no sence to me :laughing:
I might have a look at it, but maybe Activity Starter as @vknow360 mentioned is a great solution?

EDIT: Didn’t work after all, when I try to install the app it says at the end it could’nt install :thinking:

I tried the Activity starter and it worked great.


So now if there is an update it will show in app and then the user can push a button to start the Activity Starter :slight_smile: