Opening .apk files - survey - testing

I am using Activity Starter in my app to open .apk files. I have created a sample app OpenAPK.apk (4.1 MB)
which can run the Package Installer with an APK. Please test it! Just write the path to APK to text box and press button.
Like this:

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Out of curiosity, why would you want this?

Because my app have to open many file types.

am trying to do the same can you share your blocks

The universal solution is from Juan Antonio:

Welcome to Kodular community, @abobakrsalafi


@Franck_G28 implementation?

For the updater ??

Yeah! It’d be an awesome thing so they wouldn’t have to really do anything, plus it’d be signed by you and it would update it on the Playstore to the latest version too.

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It could be nice! But I’ve never used a file download before, I’d have to see how it works first!

I can help!

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I already gave you the answer here

PS: please don’t post the same question in different communities… thank you


thanks all for the help.

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