How to check if app user have built in Play Store or Not

I want to publish my app to Play Store and Other Stores also, So i want to check or detect if app user have built-in Play Store or not, If user have built in play store i want to redirect user to play store for app update, But if user do not have built-in Play Store i want user to download app update from Google Drive.

You can use a Kodular component to check if the app is installed from play store.
Found the component into Device Utilities


or you can use this extension

@ramrajput200021 @bestprintsf sorry but i am not asking if app is installed from play store. What i am asking if user do not have play store (oem application store) in his device (non play store device).

example: user have amazon android device that do not have play store (oem application store)

so it should be like:

if (play store device)
then : this device is Play Store supported
else (amazon device or any other non play store device )
this device is not play store supported device (non play store device)

i hope i explained

I’ve doubts about stability. Because, Devices with Google Play can aslo have Amazon Appstore installed (on my device, I use both).

This thread could be helpful:

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Now your question is precise and easier to understand.
You can use Package Utilities (Is Package Installed) to find out if the app is installed or not. Please see the documentation:


@bestprintsf’s solution is correct. And the package name of Play Store is


i found out, this is what i was trying:
if ( is available update app from play store
else if ( not found update app from Drive

@bestprintsf @asimjib93 @pavi2410 @ramrajput200021 thanks to all

Thanks @pavi2410, please you can post Pakage Name of Amazon ?
I’m shure help to @alldownloadworld

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Package name of Amazon App Store is


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