Play Install Referrer Extension


this extension is built using Play Install Referrer library which will help you to know where your installs come from you get get the Referrer by the block then send it to your databass of analytics service
you can use my other extension with this one to send events

more info


blocks (2)


com.proxdz.install.aix (22.2 KB)


Good extension. @akbi_rook

Please post an example and an explanation of what each block does.

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Nice extension @akbi_rook. Can you post a example.

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Greate Extension It’s Very Helpful If You Send Some Example How To Use It

Great extension. :clap:

Good idea and a great extension!

Can u plz tell what the use of this extension ?

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@akbi_rook Thanks, one thousand three hundred times :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

every extension have there use, that’s why our extension developers exists. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: