"do it" in variable close companion

Hello everybody.
Every time I click “do it” on a variable that stores a list (1.800 items), it causes my companion to disconnect.

Any suggestions on what can be done?

Stop storing so much in a list.

Okay, I can try to shorten my list in the future (although my app revolves around that).

The point is: I’ve been working on this for a long time and it never occurred to me. From yesterday to now, for some reason, checking items on my list causes my companion to disconnect.

Edit: @SquishyOctopus , well, by the test I did, I can do the “do it” on the variable that stores the list up to 1778 items. When adding item 1779, my companion was disconnected.

Really, that never happened. Am I out of memory or something? What could have happened here?

edit 2: Ok, the same happens if I store the items in Tinydb. :worried:

If you try displaying the list as text for a label, you should be fine.

If you’re trying to store the items all at once using the TinyDB then you’re going to run into issues… SharedPreferences (what TinyDB is built on) was not meant for people to store large amounts of data.

I stored the list inside a Tag in Tiny for testing purposes and the error occurred.

My idea would be to store this list in a txt file on the user’s device. So when you start, just read that file.

Well, as I said earlier: Everything was working fine within 2 months that I started using this list. For a few hours now, I just can’t “read” the files in the browser, as it disconnects me after 1779 items.

Yes, I can work with these items without any problem. However, I’m curious why kodular closes my connection when I try to see these items in the browser.

That would probably be a much safer approach, it would lead to less errors.

You shouldn’t store a whole list of 1,800 items using TinyDB. Store it in a file.

Yes, that’s what I want.
However, if possible, could you help me understand the reason for the loss of connection when seeing the variable content?

No because I’ve never had to store 1,800 items in a variable.

Do not try with this much if items in companion… apk only have the capacity to load