Do It Result: package null, Unknown, version 0.0

Today while Blocking one of my Projects,
These comments are showing up Randomly on any of the Blocks.

i am connected to companion all the time,
but i am not performing any Do it

First i ignored them but they are repeating freaquently.

Where are they showing up? Also enter app package name and version name in screen 1, if not entered. Also do you use package utilities component?

Package Name and Version are set to com.addylin.notes and 1.0 respectively.


I have encounter this before.

Most probably you upload an extension but the companion haven’t receive it.
Reset and reconnect.

If the problem still exist can you provide more info, for example related blocks and what extension you’ve used.

Only one Extension and Blocks related to it are all working in companion too.

But it was reoccuring.

Floating View Extension.
And Blocks are around 800 of my Notes App.

But the comments i am getting are not on the Extension related blocks.
They were on random blocks, like the image i attached in first post is from a Clock block.

Will Update You When i will go Online on my PC.

They Randomly came and Luckily are gone.

Lets Close The Topic.

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