Do you want Upload feature in Webviewer?

  • Yes. I want.
  • No. I don’t want.

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Please do not create topics like that one! Everyone want upload feature (because it is a basic thing for a browser), howewer maybe i is not so easy to create. I don’t suggest making browsers through Kodular and other AI distros due to high security risks.

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Have you really checked before making this topic? If not, please check once.


Can you tell me will it be possible in Kodular or not ?.

Just be patient.


Webviewer upload feature is not only for browsers but also for those sites in which we need to upload some data like… files, pics or videos.

I hope kodular will bring this thing in next update.

I have been waiting from 6 months. But i wonder why Kodular is not including it.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

It’s possible but they don’t want to add it. I don’t know why?

I have an app in which i included a website in webviewer where people need to upload data but users are complaining that they are not able to upload anything.

Everything is not easy as you think. If you know how to add it, then create an extension for that, write the required code for App Inventor. Also, it would be weird to just adding the “WebViewer upload” feature alone in next release.

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You can also use ’ Chrome Custom Tabs ’ for uploading.
But I think there should be a block ’ When uploading needed ’ like ’ Download Needed ’ block.It will make easy for us to know when we need uploading.
We can only wait for them to implement this feature.
So @Mohd_Younis instead of making such topics use alternative way if you(we) do not know it can be implemented or not.

I know there is only way to be patient i have no other intention to create this poll i only created this so that kodular gets attention.

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Kodular already knows that upload feature is missing in WebView. Because this feature is wanted before. (according to older topics) Now it is time to wait for feature instead of creating these topics. They are knowing which feature is more important to add or not.

Dear, if kodular had created other amazing features so i don’t think it’s hard for them.

I don’t know about creating extensions but i know you are the developer who created softwares for pc, apps for Android i don’t think it’s hard for you. You can create it​:upside_down_face:

I don’t need to create, I prefer waiting :wink:



Upload is an incredibly complex area to build when there is no fixed API at the other end. You need to determine all sorts of things, all sorts of exception handling, to make it look clean with the blocks.

What people don’t understand is that from a code perspective you ca do something in a few lines. But to make it usable in the real world, that turns to hundreds or thousand of lines of code for all sorts of events.

Is the file too big,
Did the file break in transit,
Is the file a bbad file type,
Do we use compression when we transfer,
Do we run a checksum to validate uploaded,
etc. etc etc.

So it is not “easy” to make it look good and work the way people expect.

As @yusufcihan said… Be Patient.


Wow​:open_mouth: appreciated
BTW i don’t have time to read it

Im proud to say that we may see this feature in next releases. As @yusufcihan said, be patient :sunglasses:


Ya. It will be fantastic.