Document is closed error while using kio4 pdf extension

i am creating pdf using kio4 extension from a layot but this shows this error please help

I think you have clicked second time to create the pdf.

Show us your block properly… I think you have misplaced a block… Better you can search in the community, you can get more suggestions. If not you can use this method also to print the values.

If not satisfied show your block we will correct you

Yes, i don’t think so your logic is correct better go through with this guide, surely you will correct it

i am giving you aia in pm can you do it for me its urgent’

Did you send?

Click on profile image and then Message

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showing like this

solved in pm
504585.pdf (48.5 KB)

But its not generating pdf in main apk

I have tested in apk only. Check up in phone memory folder

CMORE (2).apk (6.4 MB)
this is the apk please test it

CMORE (1).apk (6.2 MB)

Your apk needs key

Chk this apk and video

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Mansion123 is the key

did i have did something wrong in the aia

Did you remove write storage permission from my aia? Your apk doesn’t ask permission when it open print screen

yes sorry i have removed that

Pls add it here,

Now check up in companion or in apk, it will work

BTW, your app is nice one :+1:

Thanks it working now

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