Does a font take less memory to load as an image?

Hey Koders!
Today I was just thinking while searching the forum that many users are getting errors because their images are too big. But what about the icon fonts, are they rendered on the screen the same way as images? Because, if no, they would maybe just create a custom icon font with the things they need to avoid this error (I know that I can avoid this with lover quality/smaller images, but it’s just interesting me)


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Well, I use alot of icons and have no problems with loadingtime. But I have also added alot of images to assets, also big ones, but they are only a few kb. No problems so far. But if you load images from external storage the loading time will be way longer.

I know, it but my question is specific about ram. I don’t need to use it, it just interests me, this is a forum about app development and it’s the advanced category, I’m just asking why not.

It’s a good question :+1: and I’m just mentioning what I’m experiencing around your question :slight_smile:

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