Does anybody noticed drop in Admob earning recently

I have few apps with admob ads. I saw huge change in revenue recently.
Most of my users are from India, does the lock down or Covid-19 in India is responsible for this sudden drop ? I almost earning 20-30% less revenue than previous months , anyone from India facing same issue ?

It could be because your users aren’t using your apps…
Is the impressions count also down or just the earnings?

Yes me too already fill rate is decreased so revenue is definitely impact. on 623 request only got 379 fill.

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user increasing every day . user also engaged. noticed that number of total ads dropped suddenly

The CPM change is the reason. It differs for the Country and changes. For me it’s $0.14 (per 1000 impressions) in my 2nd app which is used by mostly Indian users and $6.5(per 1000 impressions) in my 1st app which is mostly used by US users. You can check the CPM drop in the Admob panel. This is normal and may happen.

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Are you using eCPM floor?

No, Any pricing

According to you this is good or bad Untitled