Does anyone have a solution to send location with sms?

i need to send my location as sms, i need extension:(

Use location sensor and sms component

If i use it, can i send my location in google maps to whatsapp?

Why not?? Please search in community. Recently someone asked the same and it worked. Use WhatsApp extension too

When map is ready
Send message to WhatsApp number (num with country code) message(location sensor get lattitude and longitude)

ahh thanks so much:)

What did i do wrong?

When i send my message,only text is sent but no location

Show your screen initialise blocks

here it is

tell me the mistakes pls

  1. Correct the red error in button click. I hope you have added that event multiple times and no action will take place.

  2. There is no screen initialise block

Please add this blue block in your screen initialise block

Call Google maps Enable My Location 
enabled (true)

i did this,now the message is sent like “no address available” ,how can i fix it