Does anyone know how to use Keystore Explorer to create a new keystore for Kodular?


I am assuming all of you know that by August 2021 we will be required to use App Bundle for Play Store.

I am currently trying to create a new keystore for my new projects on Kodular. Aabs generated by Kodular are being rejected by Play store because I have previous apps that are using the same keystore.

I came acoss this nice tool that can generate keystores but Kodular are not accepting any keystore I generate using this tool. It says:

Keystore SHA1: something’s not right

When I upload the keystore generated from Keystore Explorer

An idea why?

Why don’t you just let Kodular create an new one…

Can you show me how? Can’t see any such thing in the settings,

When you use AAB to upload you need to Enroll to Google Play app signing. They will take care of the app signing as far as i remember.

I already tried but Google Play Store did not accept my AAB. Reason was that I am using the keystore already in a different app. What ever that means!!!

  • Save your current keystore as a backup
  • Delete it
  • Build your project to APK

new keystore will be generated after building to APK

See also this



I found the solution to upload an AAB on Play Store. I think this only works for new apps. Never tried it on an existing app.

  1. Go to Settings on Kodular.
  2. Backup your existing keystore
  3. Delete the exsiting keystore
  4. Go back to your project and build the AAB
  5. Upload to Google Play (make sure you choose Google is managing your app signing key)

Uhm… That’s the solution @Boban gave. Shouldn’t you mark his post as the solution?


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