Does Makeroid take any commission from our admob earning?

Hello, guys, i have question that does makeroid take any commission from us I mean some part of your AdMob earning


i know and agree but you should notice us before :smiley:

Yes, we take 5% for Banner and Interstitial ads, that means you keep 95% of the revenue.


:open_mouth: I learned this new

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@Yusuf_Deniz @Conor me too!

How could you actually do that? Isn’t the service Google’s?

@Conor I completely respect and understand why you take that money.

I ask, “how” are you doing that.

We offer our services for free, the servers don’t pay themselves. 95% is still a lot for you to keep. If we didn’t take 5%, how would we pay for our servers?

I hope you understand.


It’s very important to KEEP IN MIND that noone of the Makeroid’s admins work on Makeroid as a job. They have a lot of things to do. Besides everything in Makeroid has costs, including the servers. What @Conor said is entirely true, while some of you is just asking for more and more components, supposing the Makeroid team is an enterprise and the things can be done easily and fastly.


Yep, you’re right. :slight_smile:

@Conor can you tell how exactly you do that?

We aren’t going to be saying how we do it, unfortunately.

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Interesting. :thinking:

Hello there makeroid is best server i ever seen bcs other servers are long before got a charge for premium plan but makeroid has. Never and ever go with premium plan, makeroid developper spend lot of money to develop a makeroid this is a job for makeroid developpers ok that why He’s get 5% profit
And share to 8-12 devoloppers ok…


I am not sure that’s even possible because you have no access to users AdMob account.

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they can add their admob banner id our app

That’s what I am thinking, if they actually added 5%, they can randomize banner id inside a LoadAd method.