Does this Metadata block not work or I don't know how to use it?

I don’t know how to make this block work that loads the image in the folder of the song that is being played, does anyone know?


where exactly do you set the Metadata.File property?
what happens, if you use Do it to debug your blocks?
see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


Metadata works normally for all other items: title, album … But you can’t bring me the image in the folder.


What is replace_path?

ok, but what about


Yes, what is

Cuz u can play in the player doesn’t mean the metadata support.
I used metadata yesterday too and found that I have to convert the file URI to file path using extension
File path means something like /storage/emulated/0/test.mp3

And please do it. If it returns like empty string, or some errors, there’s two possibilities

  1. File path is wrong (which u can check in do it)
  2. The file doesn’t have any Title or artists
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replace_path is to remove special characters, blanks, etc.

But metadata returns all other information correctly, except the image.

Yes I use.

the image of what?

The album cover image that is in the folder of the songs that are playing, isn’t that what the Embedded Picture is for?

so what about providing a screenshot of your releant blocks including the Do it result?