Donate to Makeroid!

Some of you asked (publicly or privately) how can you support us giving some money

We finally have a PayPal account where you can easily donate us with one click :smile:

That’s the unique legacy way to donate us! Don’t trust other methods

You can get a special badge after donating more than 5€!

Donation Policies

  • If you have donated mistakenly, you have up to 1 hour to contact us in @Kodular to explain how the error occurred. Once the hour is passed from the donation, you won’t be able to recover the money. The donation will be refunded within 48 hours. If we consider that it’s a joke, donation may not be refunded.

  • To get the Supporter badge, it must be requested manually (sometimes we can grant it automatically) providing a ticket that you have donated us
    That donation must be of 5€ or higher at one time, not accumulative
    This badge doesn’t grant any privilege. It’s just a commemorative badge to recognized that you helped us; it can be used as Title in the community.

  • The money you donate us goes to our private PayPal account, and it’s used ONLY for Makeroid purposes, like paying our servers, GoogleCloud account or other services that can be purchased if we consider that are necessary.

  • Your data will never be published or shared among other services. Also, the exact amount you donate won’t be published. We may contact you in private if we consider that something is wrong.

  • Other useful policies:

We know these policies aren’t strictly legal, but they are perfectly understandable by any user :slightly_smiling_face:

Any donation would be appreciated :+1:
Thanks in advance :makeroid::blush:


Your donations will help us to buy stable servers for hosting Makeroid.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the great support we have received! :blush:

With the money, we have just bought a new domain to remove the ugly free .tk look in the URL
It will be released with next version :yum:

Also, with next update, Makeroid Companion will be published to the GooglePlayStore! :smile:

Keep going, Makeroid’ers!
You are great :wink: