DonationBox : Help Me Out

This Is Donation Box :grimacing:
Donate me app ideas here :sweat_smile:
I Searched A lot on net but nothing i can do alone
i need an app ideas
not apps like homedelivery etc… which required full group
i search topics also but they give link to a site which dont have ideas that possible for me :zipper_mouth_face: please help me by giving small ideas

Yes… not only you , everybody want it…
BTW have you searched on community about app ideas?
This might help you

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i searched in community

link not working

app for kids, like leaning app, pics of alphabets and number , clicking on them play name of alphabet and also a test for them to select right alphabet after sound,

Already Tons Of App Available on play store like this :pensive:

but will grow these type of apps always work

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Visit community everyday and I am sure you will get an idea every week.


i come everyday

app note

what it mean?

Make an app that will talk to my wife for me.

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Something like assistant.

i thought about it but isnt there google assistant,alexa etc.
i want a unique idea :thinking:
btw good idea

hmm use google assistant :sweat_smile::rofl: