Don't get value with 'Get Cell' blocks from airtables

Extension in use:

I’ve managed to get everything working, but then only when I had Boble1(CardView) and used ‘Get Columns’ and ‘Create Row’.

When I made everything to work I wanted to try add another CardView as Boble2, but I wanted the database for these components to be in same Table. But that was something I had problems with since both data are on same row.

Then I tried to change all blocks from Columns to Cell. But now it won’t get the data, only 1 cell is added and there it stops.

Global Boble1_Component should get cell value HA_Hjem_Boble1 from column Boble1 but gets the value 153 from Column Boble1_X. I don’t see why? :thinking:

And the rest of global lists are empty, they don’t get the values when I try with Do It.

Any idea why this happens?


How I upload the data that works just fine:

How my Table in airtables looks like:

Yes, I might store everything wrong and could have done it in another way, but this was the way I first thought of :angel: :blush:

when repositioning dragged instead of using if else , just try to use only else. Because that event should trigger either by the component 1 or 2. so in such cases if then else would be better option… i feel so


But that’s not my problem? That’s just the “upload” blocks, not the “download” blocks.

I have problems with ‘Get Cell’- not ‘Set Cell’.



Another thing is that it’s only 2 components now, but there will be around 7 in total. Boble1-Boble7 :slight_smile: Therefor I need else if :wink:

i feel the problem is, you have nowhere intiated the process to get cell value. Actually you are trying to intiate the process after got cell triggers… It wont work. Try to move this block at somewhere then only


I believe this is your trigger (first get cell) value, correct me if i am wrong

I have a procedure with :point_up_2: blocks that will start the Get Cell, then it sets the Global Bobler_Count from 0 to 1 and the block Got Cell will start.

I use same method on everything I retrieve from Airtables. Just not with Get Cell but Get Column.