Dots on blocks background

Please kodular staff consider to enable an option that removes the background dots on blocks section especially on dark mode it hurts my eyes a lot i know you can disable workspace grid but that makes the background white i want dark background on dark mode.

I think the Kodular team is too busy with other high priority tasks. :thumbsup:

i understand they are busy with more important stuff but i hope that they will consider it in the future

Is it hurting your eyes? Black background… have you seen an ophthalmologist?

well last time i checked my eyes 4 months ago everything was fine but lately white backgrounds on my monitor burns my eyes so im looking for ways to make everything dark mode

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Open Developer Tools in your Browser

(function() {
document.querySelector(".blocklyMainBackground").style.fill = "var(--box-background)";

Copy the code above :arrow_up:, paste it on Console and Press Enter

This Javascript code will hide dots ( Grids ).


thank you so much you are a the best :laughing:

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