Double back press close app issue

I Create a WhatsApp toolkit app & I’ve added to double back press to exit app but when i export my apk & install for checking app So double back press not working but my blocks is correct …if any block is missing then tell me i attached block Screenshot…

Did You try This :point_down:?

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Yes i try it but didn’t work :roll_eyes:

All my apps work 100%


What are you telling, Was the suggestion given by @Rogerio_Rios is not working ?? So you didn’t set block correctly actually that is the simplest way of double tap to close the app. Pls check up your click component

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see blocks are correct

As i said earlier you didn’t fix correctly… you have put it under if condition but without any rule. Pls see to that. Also instead of using elseif you can use multiple if then block

i don’t understand :neutral_face:

Without this how will then execute… i believe here you should not use elseif block. Use separate if/then block

Please , use This blocks​:point_down:


Now blocks is Correct or not ? :roll_eyes:

Did You try verify It ?

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Verify Mean ? :roll_eyes:

I don’t think so this logic will work… pls try to use as said in the above post

I Use these blocks now

3-look at blocks,
4-think logic,
5-test in companion or apk.

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Yes i Tested App everything is okay but Double press exit app is not running

Remove that block from else if and put it under if/then block at the bottom

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